Farrell: A progressive step forward with exhibitions can be made through dealing with the work first and the nationality of the artist as a secondary consideration.  This is perhaps the limitation to be overcome by museums dedicated to a geographic region. Curators working with modern and contemporary African art can make strides forward by maintaining an awareness of global modern and contemporary art practices and using their expansive knowledge of Africa and its various geographies to create innovative and informed exhibitions.  I tend to disagree with the position that museums need to focus on asking questions rather than taking a position and offering information to promote dialogue.  When museum visitors pay an admission fee they ought to reap the benefits of the various levels of expertise working behind the scenes at the institution.  Questions can be a dynamic part of the dialogue but should be posed as one element of an enriched viewing and learning experience.  Let’s do the research, collaborate both with artists and across institutions, and make every effort possible to let the art speak for itself. Institutions have mission statements, agendas and stakeholders that guide exhibition protocol analysis. Perhaps the next step forward could be a study on how our various institutions are shaping how we look at and present art.